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Final Project Free Service & counseling

Aslam O Aleekum Students,

Virtual Academy of Pakistan is happy to announce free assistnace for Final Project related to software development. It doesn't mean that we are offering developing final project for you. This will be beneficial for only those students who has time to develop their final project by theirselves. We will guide you what technologies you need to learn for doing the final project. 

Final Project is not somthing one course or one thing to learn, it is all about learning multiple technologies and combining them to develop one working project. In final project some technologies are common for all sort of software development project. and some are base on the student selection. 

It will have two parts

  1. Counseling before choosing the project
    Every student is eligible for this where he/she will be guided what technologies they need to learn and in which sequence they need to learn so that they get ready for doing their final project. So minimum you have to be one semester behind the final project announcement.
  2. Counseling after finalizing the project.
    This assume that student has good basic knowledge of technologies and he/she is aware of what has to be develop. our guide will be about how to setup the milestone and how to connect the peices.

What Virtual Academy of Pakistan will provide you?

We shall provide you all training material in form of videos and some of material you already got via Virtual University of Pakistan email.


What Virtual Academy of Pakistan Can not do for you?

  • We can not force you to learn the technologies.
  • We can not force you to watch our training material.
  • We can not develop a ready made solution for you.
  • We can not force you to folllow our steps.
  • We can not inject the confidene in you that you are the best, just believe in you that you are the best and you learn the best knowleege as per industry standard. 

What is future benefit for students?

Future benefit for student is that they will ready for start their job and freelancing after doing project with us along with learning the technologies. While working with us you will learn how professionaly a software project is developed. it means you will learn lot of things.

Dont pay any one for the final project until you are sure that you only need degree but you don't need any skill for your career. And don't contact us for any paid service at all.



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  • IT/CS/SE

    FinalProjectGuide-F15.docxBrother i need help in final project plzzzzzz


    • IT/CS/SE Admin

      I have gone through your project. you message is very generic that you need help. Please help us to help you. Tell about your student level knowledge on technologies in your project. If you have no idea about any 3 of the mention technologies then 1st you need to learn these after that you can work on your project. like you need to learn essentials of Android or IOS or Windows base phone technology. so 1st explain yourself so that you can easily be treated. 

      As for project documentation is concern we cant help in this regard becuase its university base SOPs. But for technology discussion learning, practical training assistance you are welcome to discuss.

      • IT/CS/SE

        My level about programming is "0",plz guide me from where should i start according to my project

        • IT/CS/SE Admin

          Amanullah Khan its very strange that you are doing final project and your statement is that programming is ZERO :( .

          There is no shortcut in any practical subject. In addition to no programming knowledge your selected ANDROID/IOS as your final project. 1st of all you need to learn basics of programming , database, any server side technology to write your API needed to connect with your Android APP. 

          Even if any one choose Web project they need to learn all these . for web they will replace ANDROID/IOS with some of HTML/CSS/JS base framework.

          There is one of my course for those who never did programming do that course . you can either search from home page under "Virtual Academy Courses" with name Programming Fundamentals with C++ or you can click this link to reach that course.

          once convenient with this after that you need learn Object Oriented programming with if doing project in Android

          and Object Oriented programming with C++ if doing project in IOS the language for IOS is Objective C or Swift and Langauge for Android is Java or Kotlin.

          So its very long journey for you and lesson for those who thinks comptuer science is just a fun and final project is part time activitiy. 


          Virtual Academy of Pakistan
          This is an integrated community place for Virtual University of Pakistan students and Virtual Academy of Pakistan video training learners.
  • IT/CS/SE Admin

    Muhammad Ahmed in addition enrol all Udemy courses which I sent email yesterday. most of them you will need for your final project regardless of your project technologies.

    for example GIT is mandatory for managing your soruce code. JavaScript, Modern Java Script mandatory for your any web Project. there are 3 java courses which mandatory if you are doing web development in java. 

  • Hello I need some assistance in final project

    • IT/CS/SE Admin

      Muhammad Ahmed did not hear back from you. all is well ?

    • IT/CS/SE Admin

      Muhammad Ahmed  , please explain your project and skills so that i can suggest you base on that. 

      1. What is your Project business domain ? means what it is all about

      2. What technologies are you using in project

      3. what is level of you knowledge on your project technologies.


      In addition We are assuming that you are aware of basic programming in any language, basic database knowledge


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